Frequently Asked Questions

How does Makerhub work?

Makerhub was designed to fit the needs of any user. Our ordering process adapts to your familiarity with 3D printing, giving you complete control. After submitting an order, we'll give local makers the chance to look over your project and submit bids. (This lowers the project cost for you!)
We're by your side during the entire process. We'll follow up with a tracking number if you choose to forgo local delivery.

Where can I see an invoice for my order?

After logging in, navigate to your Projects > Select your Project > Order Details

How does Makerhub buyer protection work?

Should you feel that the part you received is not up to your expectations you will be able to indicate this on the order page by clicking "Report an issue with this order." This will pause the order until the issue is resolved and you use the "issue resolved button."

What file types can I upload?

For 3D Printing, you can upload STL or OBJ files, the standard file types used in the 3D printing industry.

How can I cancel and order?

As a buyer, you can cancel an order request if your Maker has not replied within 24 hours. If the Maker has already responded or accepted, you can ask the Maker to cancel the order by communicating with them via the Status Updates section of the order page.