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We would like to thank you for your patience as this has been a roller-coaster ride over the past couple months. We've processed a lot of orders since we launched and we've learned a lot.

We have temporarily launched an ordering system here . Stay tuned as we roll-out the new Makerhub platform.

Currently we are not accepting new makers, but we will be rolling out a private beta soon, and will be re-opening maker sign up at that time. To stay up to date with Makerhub, follow us on Facebook and join our Facebook User Group using the links below.

Thank you and Happy Printing,
Makerhub Team

How Makerhub Works


Create a New Project

Attach your files and customize the project to meet your specifications. Choose the printing features, or let Makerhub handle the details.


Select your Maker

Choose Makers nearby, or from across the world with specialized filters and controls.


Receive your Order

Makerhub handles everything from the payment and communication to the package tracking. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

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Join our Network

Almost 90% of 3D Printers sit idle. Put your printer to work and make it profitable. Our Makers enjoy a lot of great benefits including:

  • Access to the MakerStore, receive 15-20% off filament, supplies, and printers.
  • Work when it’s convenient and go “offline” anytime.
  • Join teams of Makers and split large orders for even more cash on the side.
  • Create your own store and market your products.
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